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‘Retinol sandwiching’ is the viral TikTok skincare technique that claims to stop pesky redness and irritation, but does it work?

Thinking about adding a retinol to your skincare routine? Or maybe like many, you’ve found that retinols irritate your skin and cause redness and sensitivity (not a vibe).

‘Retinol sandwiching’ is making the rounds on TikTok as one of the latest skincare trends to try, though it’s a tried and tested technique when it comes to using retinoids – essentially, it means buffering your product with a little moisturiser, in order to minimise some of the less-than pleasant side effects of retinol.

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Dermatology expert reveals top tips for glowing skin for all seasons

WATCH this dermatology expert reveal top tips for glowing skin all year round.

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How To Deal With Those Annoying – And Unsightly – Summer Breakouts

Everybody loves the sunshine. That is, of course, until you come back from a day of beach and barbecue to find your face a sweaty, spotty mess. All the hard work of getting into a skincare routine over winter, seemingly ruined.

Not to mention the body acne. Buttoning a shirt up to your chin to hide chest spots in holiday photoshoots is, simply, never a vibe. Add to that the risk of sunburn, pigmentation problems and generally smelling a bit, and suddenly it seems that in summertime, the living isn’t so easy.

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Skin doctor debunks myths on sunscreen

There are so many questions around sunscreen, two of the biggest being about SPF in make-up and whether to choose chemical or physical sun lotion. Should we rely on an SPF foundation, or do we double up using sunscreen first and then make-up? And is a chemical sun lotion preferable to a physical version?

I asked Dr Rayhaneh Zahedi, a dermatology speciality doctor at Quality Health Care Ltd in the UK.

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It's HERE! (Alumier Skin Care Product Launch)

Intense 3-D hydration for plumper, firmer skin in just ONE use? Enter Aqua Infusion Mask (60ml).

For the first time ever, you can receive a professional-level hydration treatment at home.

You’ve seen us working away behind the scenes… now over to Dermatology expert Dr Rayhaneh Zahedi (@qualityhealthcareltd) and HELLO! Deputy Beauty Editor Elle Sixsmith (@elle_sixsmith) for our big reveal!

NOW available to purchase at QHC.

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"Retinol Sandwich" : une technique pour protéger la peau des irritations liées au rétinol

Réputé pour améliorer la qualité de la peau et lutter contre le vieillissement cutané, le rétinol fait partie de ces ingrédients stars. Mais, son utilisation pourrait avoir des effets irritants sur la peau. Pour y remédier, la technique du “retinol sandwich” est peut-être la solution. Explications.

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23 best body sun creams to protect your skin this summer

Now that the summer season has arrived, it’s time to get outside and and enjoy the longer days and even lighter evenings.

While most of us love soaking up the sun, its glorious rays are actually one of the biggest contributors to ageing skin. This is why it’s extremely important to wear a sunscreen every day – especially when it’s hot outside. You also need to wear it correctly to be protected.

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A derm weighs in on SPF in makeup, is it enough to protect your skin?

Does the SPF in makeup protect your skin well enough to slow ageing and avoid sunburn?

This, and more, we’ve put to a dermatologist because if it doesn’t why is it in there? As well as this, the debate over physical vs chemical sunscreen rages on, which is better?

Dr Rayhaneh Zahedi is a dermatology speciality doctor at Quality Health Care Ltd and she explains common mistakes people make in the sun.

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Sunscreen for a sweet Indian summer

‘Staycation’, a word that became subsequently overused during the pandemic will soon be replaced by the idea and hope of an “Indian Summer”, a term used to describe a warm, calm spell that occurs in Autumn.

After having little to no sun and going in and out of lockdowns for 18 months, holidays in Autumn have become the more favoured months to travel, thanks to the lovely late summer weather, fewer crowds around and spending more time outdoors.

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This Is What the Perfect Skincare Routine Looks Like, and It's Really Simple

If you started the New Year wanting to be more regimented with your skincare routine, just know that you’re not alone. A new year, after all, marks a time for change and resolution. For many, an effective and considered skincare routine acts as the perfect way to feel pulled-together and in control.

The downside to skincare-related New Year’s resolutions, however, is that it is very easy to fall at the first hurdle.

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Common Sun Protection Mistakes

Dr Rayhaneh Zahedi, a dermatology speciality doctor at Quality Health Care Ltd shares the common mistakes people make when in the sun.

“Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the UK”, explains Dr Zahedi. “We’re seeing increasing numbers all the time.”

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