Why choose Medical-grade Skincare? Ask the experts at Quality Health Care, Bournemouth

Medical grade skincare at Quality Health Care, Bournemouth

🩺 Why choose Medical-grade skincare?

True medical-grade can’t be purchased over the counter & contains ✨active ingredients ✨which have been proven by research to be formulated in a way that transforms the skin, you get real results.

The percentage of condition specific ingredients such as peptide, anti oxidants, brightening agents, in medical grade skincare are much higher. 🌟

These active ingredients will do more for the skin then just provide hydration. Medical-grade formulations are also free of harsh preservatives, alcohol, dyes, perfumes & other ingredients that do the skin no benefit & can potentially cause harm.

Simply stated, medical-grade skincare can hydrate, nourish, correct & protect the skin more beneficially & effectively.🧴

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